Breathe Easy...

Oct 5-8, 2023.  
Tranquil seas
Infinity pool
Relaxing weekend in the jungle.
Deep new relationships, and
a reasonable approach to orthodontics and sleep apnea!

You work hard. 

Pressures abound, from DSO competition to staffing shortages to reduced insurance coverage. 

Take a weekend to relax, get to know other like-minded professionals, and learn the basics of sleep-disordered breathing and how we can work together to help our patients. 

You’ll make close friends and get CE!

As the sun sets, many people realize a night's rest won't come as easy as hoped.

Egghead Ortho is on a mission to connect with other like-minded healthcare professionals interested in helping those who suffer from sleep apnea. 

Welcome to the Jungle

 Continued Education in Paradise

 If you need a relaxing weekend in a tropical venue, where you’ll also learn the basics of treating sleep disordered breathing and leave with a gameplan to implement what you’ve learned, set up a time to talk with Dr. Chmura at
or sign up for the retreat below.

Retreat Host:
Dr. Chmura

Dr. Chmura is an early adopter and innovator in orthodontics. While maintaining a private practice,

Dr. Chmura has participated in over 10,000 hours of orthodontic continuing education (currently, about 300 hours a year), has served as an advisor to numerous companies, and involved in developing practical courses to help orthodontists incorporate soft tissue lasers, 3D CBCT, screening, testing, and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in the orthodontic office.

With numerous publications and over 100 professional presentations worldwide, Dr. Chmura is passionate about helping others see possibilities beyond their current situation.

His passion for helping others led him to develop Egghead Orthodontics, which helps dentists and patients breathe easier while delivering and incorporating Complete orthodontic care into their practice.


Core Content You'll Learn

Sleep apnea is not just affecting overweight middle-aged men. Women and even children are feeling the negative effects of this disease. We’ll cover the epidemiology, the comorbidities, and the daily degradation in the quality of life associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), then dive in deeper as we cover Screening, Testing, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

Normal Sleep and Disordered Breathing

In order to understand abnormal sleep and growth, you need to understand normal sleep and growth.  We’ll cover the basics of sleep and facial growth and how they interplay with OSA, plus show the signs and symptoms you can use to identify those with a problem.  

Screening, Testing, and Diagnosis


While only a sleep doctor can provide a diagnosis, dentists, and orthodontists can screen / test / refer, and often treat patients with a compromised airway. 

20- 25% of adults and 10-20% (perhaps more) of younger patients suffer from a breathing disorder or are headed that way. 

We will cover how to screen, test and obtain a diagnosis so proper treatment can begin.


The most common treatments for sleep apnea (CPAP or and oral appliance) have marginal compliance and require a lifetime of wearing a device-they don’t address the underlying anatomy.  

We’ll discuss the various treatment options and the relative effectiveness of each and do a deeper dive into orthodontic options to help address OSA and breathing disorders.



This opportunity can feel exciting to scary, and all the emotions are okay! I would love to get to know you before you commit to joining us on this retreat. Please drop me a line to connect, and let's create something magical together. 

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Let's Not Monkey Around


"Lou, I’ve been to a lot of lectures and rarely does it change everything. This lecture changed everything! Great information, andchanges how I diagnose and treatment plan. It literally, changes everything"- Dr. Mike Lanzetta 

"Life-saving Orthodontics!" -Helen Melilla

 "Brilliant Lecture Lou. I learn every time I attend one of your lectures." - Dr. Luis Carriere 

"Great Presentation! Your documentation of results is outstanding.  Most orthodontist "experts" in OSA provide anecdotal evidence with is not backed up by physical data. They also do not initiate a sleep study on the patient who has not had a professional/ENT evaluation. Kudos Dr. Chmura." - Dr. Timothy Pearson


Actually, fun is at the top of the list and the price includes all the fun with the monkeys surrounded by beauty and nature. 

The price is $5,000, contact us for more info about deposits to save your spot!


A private chef for gourmet meals to enjoy while surrounded by lush jungle and amazing views.

Drinks?  Yes, we will have plenty of drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic to keep you hydrated and alert.

Is airfare included?

Your airfare is not included in the price.

Can I have a snack?

Healthy snacks will be available to keep you feeling alert and charged between meals.


Small group settings with plenty of time to discuss and review all the resources needed to jumpstart your airway journey. 


What would paradise be without adventure?  We will have plenty of surprises awaiting you to make sure you leave feeling recharged and disconnected from daily routines and connected with all that Costa Rica has to offer.  

Where will I sleep?

Eight individual Bedrooms  (9 Beds)  and 8 Baths and so it will be first come first served for picking your rooms.

Villa Tucan Tango is a 7,500 sq/ft luxury home located on the west coast of central Costa Rica, five minutes by car to the Pacific Ocean and tropical beaches of Dominicalito Bay.

This tropical paradise is located in a small, private, secure, gated community and is nestled into the mountainside 350 feet above the ocean.

From several locations in the villa, you will enjoy breathtaking, front-row views of the jungle canopy, mountains, and ocean including absolutely incredible sunsets. 

Insurance & Cancellations

We highly recommend travel insurance that covers everything from scenarios that involve injury and sickness, to cancelations that may occur on your end or ours due to weather, pandemics, family emergencies and other scenarios that are out of our control.


The venue is 3 hours from the San Jose airport on difficult roads, so we will coordinate landing times and we’ve hired a bus to bring everyone to the villa together.   

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